Connector PG13 for smooth flexible conduit 20

Code: 6057-2013
Connector PG13 for smooth flexible conduit 20

Connectors for smooth PVC flexible conduits made of brass which is then nickel plated in order to improve resistance to the harsh environmental conditions in which they are used. The connector is coupled to the flexible conduit by tightening a metal clamp that secures the conduit to the fitting. This clamp has a surface designed to prevent it from the slipping. O-ring, part no. 6058, must be used with conduits sheathed in part no. 6089 steel braiding, as these are designed to contain the wires of the braiding. It is suggested in these situations to use clamps fitted with grounding screws, part no. 6059-T, to ensure an equipotential coupling. The particular care and attention that goes into producing these connectors ensures a perfect fitting of cables without any risks of coating damages. PG in accordance with DIN 40430.

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