Wall mount coolers 800W 230V 50/60Hz Top

Code: R5KLM08021LT
Wall mount coolers 800W 230V 50/60Hz Top

Wall mount coolers 800 W - 230 Vac. Standard seal applied to cabinet-facing surface of the coolers of BASE and TOP version. Inbuilt condensation sink on BASE and TOP versions. Standard air filter on BASE and TOP versions. Textured RAL 7035 standard colour. Other colours are available upon request. The connection is performed by means of PLUG-IN terminal boards: - BASE - 1 PLUG-IN power supply. Visual alarm of minimum/maximum temperature. - TOP - 2 PLUG-IN power supply connectors. Alarm control by means of a terminal board. Remote ON/OFF. RS485 serial interface for remote control. Versions with non-standard supply voltage are available upon request.

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