Авангард в массы!

Avant-garde to the masses! - this is the slogan of DKC company in 2019. This word is formed from the French "avant-garde", which means the vanguard. This characterizes DKC as a company that introduces innovative solutions and advanced technologies, which is not afraid of experiments and new trends. The task of the company is active actions, bringing the coming of future today.

And we tried to reveal this idea while preparing the annual DKC calendar. You will find all the elements of avant-garde in it: this is  the suprematism of Kazimir Malevich and  abstractionism of Vasily Kandinsky, and, of course, a poetic meaning, echoing the work of Vladimir Mayakovsky. You can see and download all illustrations on our Facebook page.

Dear colleagues and friends!

Congratulations on the New Year's Holidays! We wish you to always keep up with the times and even be ahead. Let the brightest ideas visit you in the coming year and your most courageous decisions come true!

Happy New Year!