Full Solid Power

The electronic power controller is a centralized system that allows to reduce and stabilized the power delivered by the lamps on the basis of cycles that can be customized as to value and time, depending on the estimated traffic flow.

The benefits that can be obtained are related, not only to energy savings but also to an economy in the costs of maintenance, facilities management and reduction of light pollution.

DKC Europe – Conchiglia Division, began to be strongly aware of energy savings and sustainable development issues as far back as the '80's and started to create a vast and complete range of advanced equipment.

The new series HSE combining the reliability of the transformers with the versatility of electronics in the solid state, allowing:

  • A performance ≥98% in compliance with UNI11431 standard
  • No attenuation or interruption of the luminous flux in the case of bypass, for maximum optimization of consumption of the system and continuity of public lighting service
  • The total independence of the three-phases allows, in case of failure of one of them, not to affect the operation and thus saving on the phases not interested
  • Functional design using the new series of cabinets Grafi

Furthermore the equipment is already equipped with a series of components suitable for data transmission in remote control (activation achievable by integrating the optional modem).