Nuovo catalogo Combitech

Solid and perforated metal trays, mesh trays, ladder trays, naval cable trays and brackets represent the full range of DKC metal trays.

To point out ZL metal trays. The advantages of the new ZL coating are numerous. If an edge has been cut, a thin protective film composed of zinc and magnesium is formed at the cut helping to prevent an outbreak of corrosion. This protective film varies according to the installation environment and its properties depend on the content of magnesium.

Furthermore, ZL is environment friendly. The production of ZL uses a minor quantity of zinc, in comparison to that of pure zinc coatings, assuring the preservation of natural resources and reducing the rate of zinc discharge to the soil (the discharge rate is a rate defining the transfer of a substance from its surface to the external environment).

ZL turns out to be, therefore, an alternative to hot-dip galvanization after machining that is more convenient economically and has a better quality. Depending on the environment to which it is exposed, ZL allows a significant reduction of the coating weight, equal to two/four times with respect to hot-dip galvanization after machining. At the same time the performance as regards to the corrosion resistance is much greater.

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