Compact Data Center

DKC, leader company in the production of cabinets for electrical distribution and IT enclosures, offer a modular solution «all in one» for the customer that is needing to create his own IT infrastructure, or for those who want to adopt a Disaster Recovery infrastructure outsourced.


· A single cabinet that meets all installation requirements: distribution, software, air-conditioning.

· Design studied in detail which allows it to fit perfectly in any environment.

· Cooling solutions, using SLIM Ram Klima cooler which allows to keep a constant temperature inside the cabinet in various weather conditions and, due to its size, provides the lowest possible overall dimensions.

· Customizable configuration on request.


· The solution provides:

· IT Enclosures (24-42U) 2000x1100x1000 mm manufactured of 15/10 thick galvanized steel, painted textured RAL 9005

· Enclosures cooling system (1500-2000W)

· Survey and extinguishing system based on Aerosol technology

· UPS system power emergency

· Monitoring system of enclosures “vital sign” with remote-control

· Cabling system by means of electrogalvanized mesh tray

Optional accessories

· Filler 1U and 2Ua

· Fixed and sliding trays

· Cable gland

· “Intelligent” wall socket – PDU

· Patch panel for structured cabling

Download here the Compact Data Center folder.